Archiwum Wydarzeń

9 concerts-each in a different place, each for a wonderful audience, each unique! We feel a little bit like a rock band after a great tour-with the only difference being that the band always repeats the same program, and we each time we've done something else!

New year's concert in the MCC Sokół. On the scene: Hanna Okońska, Natalia Zabrzeska, Tadeusz Szlenkier-tenor, Damian Alexander, Ireneusz Wyrwa, Orchestra Manager of the border guard - Leszek I, Stefan Münch

The event took place 7.01.2018 in Nakło County Church pw. . Stanislaus BiM, and starring by: Orchestra Symfoników Bydgoszcz together with soloists (Adela Konop, Hanna Okońska and Luke Ratajczak) under the baton of Marek Czekala and Nadzieja with Michael Gacka.

The organizers of the event were: Gmi...

Concert on the occasion of Independence Day organized by the Polish Embassy in Saudi Arabia. Piano - Agnieszka Szulc-Brzyska. The concert took place in the residence of the Polish Ambassador in Riyadh

Opera Falstaff - W. A. Mozart, accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Piotr Wajrak